About Me and Hand-making cosmetics…

I was born in the Canadian city of Toronto and currently work and live here. I was raised in the suburbs as a child and teen. During my youth it was very difficult to find direction and identity. I listened to music and partook in hobbies such as writing and drawing to get through.  When I started studying Fine Arts at the Ontario College of Art and Design, I finally felt creatively inspired, and earned an art education.  After that, I moved to Paris France, all the while trying out the artist life, and not surprisingly I got burnt out. I now seek out a more healthy, simple way of living. I feel that being a woman, there are certain limitations in the ways to express oneself.  I think fashion and make-up can be a powerful outlet for expression, as it has the ability to create choice for women, improve our quality of life in small, everyday ways.  This journal is to illustrate that.

Recently I got more attuned to the growing concern over the use of harsh chemical ingredients in the cosmetics industry, and this journal wants to show there is an alternative to following media and marketing hype.  I believe that women’s health is connected to culture and nature and should move in a direction that is more gentle and respectful to our bodies.  It’s also never too early to start either.  No matter your age, self care is important.  That’s why I created a line of cosmetics with natural ingredients that are scented lightly, pleasant to use and are fashionable too.  Visit my e-store and follow me on social media.  Let me know what you think!  xo.

Cosmetics handmade to be natural, simple and fun.




What do you think? Let me know!

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