I don’t usually write make-up reviews for cosmetic giants, but…

Maybelline doesn’t need my help to sell it’s make-ups. It’s as ubiquitous as all the other make-up giants; that kill the environment, use chemicals and test on animals…Maybelline is no exception. But since this is a make-up journal, I feel inclined to report about how I recently discovered the crazy over performing lipstick that is the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Lipstick line. It’s a semi-new release (within the last year) that has gotten me in a state of fandom over long wear make-ups for my lips…(since that’s really the only place on the face that needs it…since we eat and drink, every hour of the day)

The two best colors from the line, as mentioned by a lot a reviews: Lover (mauve), and Pioneer (classic red)

I come from a philosophy of simple is better, less is more and basically I feel natural always trumps chemicals. That’s why I have a line of gentle handmade cosmetics and perfumes called Dream E available for all. But because I work in the fashion industry as well, I know how important a well painted lip can be and how much it can pull together a fashion look from head to toe. So here I am being hypocritical about my own philosophies by liking super-stay lipsticks; since they probably have more in common with car paint enamel than the traditional wax based lipstick…what to do…

The reason I feel I have this contradiction is because ignorance is bliss. If I think about the chemical gloop that are in super-stay lip color, I would probably cringe…but I am slightly comforted by the fact that once they set, they don’t go anywhere. They become more like clothes that one wears and then takes off at night. The problem I’ve always had with traditional lipsticks were that they were movable, oily and gross, getting on food, coffee cups and clothes. I could feel them on my lips, they felt greasy, slimy. Not to mention they are made with chemical/metal colorants that could make their way into my body eventually. Too gross. But the great thing about a color stay lipstick is that it doesn’t budge, and because of that, I am assuming the chance of it getting into my belly is unlikely? (cross my fingers)

Ok now that I’ve explained my contradiction, what were the general downsides of wearing color stay lipsticks? Flat, unfashionable choice of colors, uneven wear throughout the day, 2 step application of some formulas, drying feel on the lips…the thing with the Super Stay Matte Inks is though that they don’t feel dry on, the wear is even throughout the day with NO retouching at all necessary…and they come in highly pigmented, velvety colors that you virtually paint on once carefully, and forget about it. It is that comfortable and light, that I forget I’m wearing it until I walk past a mirror and see my high fashion lips!  Just like a great eye make-up that you put on once and don’t have to worry about reapplying throughout the day, you can live the busy life you have, while having a high maintenance lip look that nobody knows you didn’t work at!

Here is the mauve color (“Lover”) on my lips. In this photo, it looks a bit muted, but in real life it’s actually deeply pigmented… almost plumy…
And here is the classic red color (“Pioneer”) on my lips. I really like the intense color and matte velvet finish…

The two colors I own from this line is a gorgeous mauve pink called “Lover”, (that started me on this epiphany of how to wear lip color from now on!) and a rich, classic red called “Pioneer” that screams fashion! I was doing a make-up look that was sans lipstick for a few years now, since I couldn’t deal with the gross feel and maintenance required of tradition lipsticks, but with this new long wear formula from Maybelline, I am a fan of colored lips once again! From reading other reviews online, the two colors I have demo-ed in this post are the two best and most popular colors from the Matte Inks line. Which one is your fave?


Are glasses as cool and cute as fringe fashion trends say?

I don't watch New Girl with Zoey Deschanel, but well, we can't talk about the glasses trend with out seeing her adorkable ways!
I don’t watch New Girl with Zoey Deschanel, but well, we can’t talk about the glasses trend with out seeing her adorkable ways!

When I worked at this designer/hipster store in Toronto a few years ago, I really saw the trend for wearing glasses go up.  It was a way to look cool, smart and cute, and it completed a fashion look.  Girls were all wearing big glasses with dark rims to look cute in an fringe way, but I was always left out of this trend since I have perfect vision.  Yes, by default, I never had glasses growing up or anytime because I didn’t need them.  I was not achieving my lack of eye apparel look by wearing contacts either as some people assumed. The truth was the only glasses I could ever wear were non-prescription “fake” ones that didn’t come out until recent years.

Rewind even further back in time to my art college years, when I was quite shy and not very confident.  I worried sometimes about how I would be perceived by classmates.  I even contemplated then, before glasses were in,  to wear fake glasses to help me to look “smarter” among my peers.  So now that the fashion trends have given their permission to wear fake glasses, I have recently bought a pair of optical quality non-prescription glasses, they are scratch resistant and uv protecting. And well, I kinda like them.  I really have to get used to wearing them though. I have been naked faced all of my years!

So, these are not really the black rimmed glasses I saw everyone wearing a while back, but I kinda like their boldness and colour. (:
So, these are not really the black rimmed glasses I saw everyone wearing a while back, but I kinda like their boldness and colour. (:

I read somewhere that eyeglass wearers always get protection from glare and uv  because they wear their prescription everyday for vision.  Us visually perfect people never get that kind of protection on an ongoing basis.  We get all the rain, wind, snow and sun in our eyes, and the full glare of our computer screens.  So o ther than glasses giving a fashion boost and vision correction, might they also give a health advantage too?  That’s not fair to those of us that face the harsh world with an unprotected naked eye day in and day out!

Glasses are seen as cool, but on the other hand, I also think back about how that is not always the case.  Most gorgeous gals in mainstream movies/music today and in the past don’t wear vision corrective apparatuses. I think technically, not wearing glasses is still seen as the norm when describing a good looking person.  But still, it is nice for me to see the success of hip and happening fashionistas that are just cool enough to pull off the glasses look and propel a trend that has fringe beauty appeal.  And with fashion’s green light, I can now participate too with my fake eye glasses on days that I feel like it!

What do you think?  Do you like the look of glasses? Are they fashionable? Or would you rock no glasses/contacts any day?

Spring floral prints are in…

I hear a lot about prints these days in fashion.  Whether it is on the runway, or on the street, everyone knows that wearing them instantly make a statement about who you are.  Leopard prints, cat prints, polka dot and graphic prints…it’s exciting, that’s for sure.  But I’ve always had a soft spot for floral prints.  Floral clothing are feminine, without being “sissy” or overly girly.  Easy and pretty, being funky without trying too hard.  And they imbue a certain youthful vibe about them.  Certainly wearing a tasteful floral printed dress screams spring, and with that season fast approaching (thank goodness winter is on it’s way out), there is no excuse to not sport one item of clothing in this print.  Let’s celebrate nature, the return of the sun, in the most obvious way…a flowery tribute to the pagan earth gods that allowed this return!

Even if you’re not a pagan, it seems these days, a lot of stores are peddling florals.  From jackets, to skirts, leggings to dresses, purses and wallets, everything has some pop of petals and colour.  I wanted to highlight a few items that are in my wardrobe, that happen to be floral and show some of the ways I wear this busy and in demand print.

After a whole winter of bundling up and wearing thick boyish pants, it’s so nice to shed it all off and reveal a more girly side.  So in comes my sweet skater dress!  (pictured below) The print is a bit different than other florals, because the flowers are big and cool tones of purple and blue green.  A little twist from pink or red florals.  I call this cut of style a “skater dress”…I don’t know, but I read on another site about how certain dresses make you feel like an figure skater.  This one with it’s fit and flare, and high collar does that for me!

This dress is a "skater" dress.  High collar with an open back and flow-y short skirt!
This dress is a “skater” dress. High collar with an open back and flow-y short skirt!

Now to go from an athletic open back dress, to a romantic and nostalgic long skirt.  I got this really long skirt from Forever 21 (below).  Long skirts are very in right now, but this one caught my eye because of the cut, (billowy and frilly), and also the floral panel insert that gives it an extra feminine and vintage vibe.  This is a great way to wear florals, because if this print was the whole skirt, it would be garden-y over kill!  I was almost too short for this floor touching length, but I pulled it off.  Pair the skirt with cute chunky heels, the length will be perfect.  This is the only way to wear long dresses or skirts during this trend.  It has to be very long, almost to the floor!

bohemian feel and frills keeps this long skirt from looking too matronly!
a bohemian feel and frills keeps this long skirt from looking too matronly!

What are your favourite ways to wear floral prints?  What spring trends have caught your eye this year?