Holiday travel: Do you need a special skincare regimen?

We always get these kinds of travel tips.  But the actual useful ones?  Read on! (image from
We always get these kinds of travel tips. But the actual useful ones? Read on! (image from

I haven’t been travelling much lately since I’ve been busy with a lot of side projects.  But when I look back at my travels all over the world, one thing links them:  How do you arrive at your destination looking fresh, happy, and rejuvenated?  When I was twenty, I really could enter a plane and leave with perfect skin having done nothing.  Now that I am a bit older (just a bit), if I do nothing, I will have puffy eyes and dull skin after a trip.  It is a mystery why traveling on a moving vehicle brings out the worst in skin: namely bloating, dehydrated skin, eye bags, and water retention.  There is something about riding on a bus/plane/train that does this.  And every gal needs a plan to combat this.  Arriving at your destination looking well rested and fresh is important.  I want whoever is picking me up to be impressed.  Here are my tried and true tips for minimizing the damages of travel.

Do these steps during your trip on a plane/bus/train:

  1. Hydration: drink water, drink water, and then drink water.  It keeps your body fresh by flushing out toxins, and discourages water retention.  Water retention is your enemy because it makes you look super puffy.  Avoid salt, since it can make you bloat.
  2. Tea does something: A hot cup of tea steams up your face, gives your body antioxidants and soothes stomach and digestion.  It also help calm the nerves and provides hydration.  All things you need while on a plane/bus.
  3. Tone your skin:  Toxins and dirt stick to your skin while travelling.  Car and bus exhaust, recycled airplane air.  They all suffocate your skin.  Spritz a mister of spring water on your face, or do what I do and pack a bit of rose water.  Put the toner on a cotton swab and dab your way to refreshment.
  4. Moisturize.  After toning your face, put a good weigh moisturizer on your face.  I find creams to be a bit greasy for day wear, so cocoa butter and coconut oil are my go to’s.
  5. Sleep.  I can’t say this enough.  Arriving at a destination sleep deprived affects your spirit, personality and appearance.  You can’t think straight if you are tired.  I like to use a sleeping pill if travelling over night to ensure I sleep on those bumpy travel routes.
  6. Make-up: you need a bit.  Travelling while wearing too much make-up feels gross, so don’t over do it.  Just before you arrive at your destination, touch up with essentials such as bb cream, mascara and lipstick/tinted lip balm.  This makes all the difference and boost the effects of all the hard work you did during the trip for your skin.  Put in some hair salve to moisturize your hair ends.

Voila!  Arrive at your destination looking effortlessly gorgeous and enjoy the holidays!  You only live once so have fun looking and feeling your best.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! 🙂


Fashion and Make-up during my NYC trip!

Travelling and looking good has always been an obstacle for me because A) I’m short on time during a trip, B) I’m short on energy during a trip, and C) I’m short on supplies during a trip… I wrote about how my last vacation to Florida was mostly a mess earlier this year in an entry, and now I’m am going to write about my recent trip to the one and only, New York City.  I adore New York City, it stands as being the epitome of urban living culture.  From it’s wonderful graffiti lined streets, to its overwhelming skyscrappers on every block, the city makes me feel small and large all at the same time.  I didn’t fuss too much on what make-up and clothes to pack for this trip, taking only the essentials, but I feel I was looking my best.  Why is looking the part so important on vacations?  It’s documented in your photos, and looking good adds to the good memories.   So this is my recap of what I sported during the trip!  I hope this is not too boring!

Day 1: The High Line Park and Chelsea Market

We took the night bus all the way to NYC and was dropped on the corner of 7th Ave and 23rd.  I had taken a sleeping pill on the bus or else I wouldn’t have gotten any sleep.  On the bus, I had no make-up on because I felt that it would be cruddy to wear, however I did hydrate my skin on the bus. When we got there, I only had time to put on a little make-up, so I only put on bb cream and powder and mascara. It was not a glamourous look, but at least I didn’t look like I had just gotten off a night bus.  We went to a really pretty park called the High Line that was build on a previous above ground train line, and then visited Chelsea market for gourmet delights, and a hand made artist market.  I was rocking a natural undone look this day for sure, but at least it matched the activities we were doing!

Day 2:  Soho, Chinatown and Times Square

No time for too much primping our second day in NYC, as it was going to be an active walking and shopping day!  So what better to wear than a comfy athletic skater dress.  Its made more feminine with the floral print and had a cut-out in the back for circulation during the hot and stifling late summer heat.  I wore them with my simple jelly shoes.  For make-up I worked with simple plum and purple shades, after only bringing one Stila palette with me for ease of packing.  But it had all the face colours I needed in that palette, I also brought a liner pen, my bb balm and my own handmade setting powder.  Don’t forget the sunscreen!  I made my own with cocoa butter and zinc oxide, and it was a dream to use during this trip.

On the way to Soho.  Just another city block in downtown Manhattan.
On the way to Soho by foot from Chelsea, what a long walk! On a typical block corner in downtown Manhattan.

Day 3:  Late rising, the MET, Central Park and Koreatown

While traveling it’s always tempting to want to cram everything into the day.  It’s actually not a good idea, even though you’re excited and want to see and do a lot of things.  You will get fatigued, and then anything you do will not be fun.  So on Day 3 we slept in and took our time to leave the hotel.  And well, ultimately that meant less time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, even though that place could take a week to see–we had two hours!  What a sacrifice for extra rest…After it closed we set out into Central Park to enjoy the beauty of the evening in natural surroundings.  Then when night hit, we left for Koreatown for BBQ.  It was yummy.  I was wearing pastel silver purple shadow, and a clean face, with liquid liner and pencil.  My choice of dress was a flow-y lavender shirt, and crochet shorts.  I feel it fit the overall natural and cultural theme of the day.  Too bad that when we got to Koreatown that night, all the make-up stores were shut, as I am quite the fan of Korean make-ups.

Sorry, my expression here isn't the best, but I wanted to show the plum make-up palette that I sported through most of the trip!
Sorry, my expression here isn’t the best, but I wanted to show the plum make-up palette that I wore.  This was a romantic feeling day, central park was just like in the movies.

Day 4:  Really late rising, Statue of Liberty, Wall St.

So this day was a refuel for us.  Everyone needed to shower, and I needed to shampoo, and all in all, we didn’t reach the Statue of Liberty until 3:30, after stumbling around to find the ferry and boating our way there! (Something I am proud of this time around was I asked for minimal directions in the city.  I just fumbled a bit and made a few tiny error, but work it to blend in with the locals!) Educational and epic, no trip to NY is complete without a trip to the statue. I had my hair up in a bun,  as it was a really hot day, and I wanted to keep my freshly washed hair clean.  When night hit, I let my hair down, and because it had been a touch damp when I put it up, it had pretty amounts of wave to it.  On this day I was a bit more girly, opting  for a strapless summer dress in muted colours of grey, pink and blue.  I guess this fit the over all theme of the day, since the concept and notion of “Liberty” can be seen as ladylike and delicate.  Or it was just one of those days I felt like primping up…after the statue tour we wandered around Wall Street as the sun set, and watched the last of the hectic suited workers straggle home on the iconic street of commerce.

Day 5:  East Village, Greenwich Village, Washinton Square Park

Our last day was a laid back and funky one, as we visited the more “fringe” neighborhoods in Manhattan.  There was East Village, my ideal spot to live if I were to move to NY, for its pretty, quiet streets and interesting vintage shops.  Then we went over to Greenwich Village, famous for being a  bohemian, and political hotbed.  Was it radical or edgy? Maybe back in the “hey days”.  They were filming an ad in Washington Square park, very far from the image I expected to find of protesters and artist raising up arms.  Well, it was still a beautiful iconic park.  For this last day, comfort was key, but I didn’t throw on just any ratty shirt and shorts.  I had on my floral printed tights, two tank-tops trimmed with lace layered on top of eachother, and some bright purple sneakers that I had bought at Century 21, near wall street, the previous night.  I was comfortable, but hopefully not boring, with a laid-back style that was still girlie at heart!

East Village.  Beautiful laid back side streets filled with vintage shops and edgy quirky fashion items.
East Village. Quiet, laid back side streets filled with vintage shops and edgy quirky fashion items.

This sums up my New York vacation.  When I got back home, I was very tired for a while.  Maybe my age is catching up to me because it was only a short vacation that I bore.  But boy, was I exhausted for days!  All in all it was successful in terms of looking my best, and enjoying the sights…the most rewarding part was knowing that I didn’t fuss over any outfit or make-up while I was there.  It just all fell into place, because when you’re winging it, and just trying to have fun, things tend to go well.  So don’t be one of those peoples that packs the world whenever travelling.  Choose to bring fashion and make-up essentials that you like and are functional enough, and you’ll find that you feel a lot lighter and the trip will be more memorable!