The ins and outs of being a wedding guest!

After the ceremony; I was there with my son and opted for lavender colors for a summer wedding.

The wedding season is more than half done or at least the bulk of it is done, and while I love weddings–the romance and the special feeling one gets when seeing the bride walks down the isle, or the splendor of flowers and pretty place settings, and luxurious stationary paper…it’s actually kind of nice that the season is almost over. Weddings can be expensive and stressful, filled with obligations, awkward etiquette dilemnas, and seeing distant relatives that one only sees well, at weddings and funerals.

I was anticipating one event of the summer for me…My little sister’s wedding that was announced since the spring and last weekend was when she finally tied the knot with her boyfriend of many years… it was a small intimate event, simple and fun. And as a wedding guest, I didn’t have to do any intense bridesmaids duties, but as a guest there are still many rules to be observe to be a great guest. And to have a comfortable time there myself as a guest. Here are some notes I’ve made about attending weddings:

Ways to be a great wedding guest:

  1. Let the bride get her way: I think that brides, with all the stress of getting hitched and planning a wedding, they get a bit crazy and it rubs off in weird ways, on the bridal party and guests. The best thing to do is unless it is something really important, I just let her have it her way.
  2. Look good, but not too good: Let’s be honest, the day is the bride’s day, not the guests’; wearing that red hot number or, a revealing bodycon dress is not the place to go. I rather go for innocence and friendship with pretty, simple dresses that are wedding appropriate and will not outdo the bride, but still have a sense of fashion.
  3. Wear neutral make-up. I really like expressing myself with make-up, but bold trendy make-up is just too much of a statement. As a wedding guest, I feel more comfortable blending in, and not standing out.
  4. Make polite cheerful conversation even if it’s hard: I find it very unnatural to be happy all the time and it’s always when I’m feeling a bit down that someone who would care about that approaches me. All it takes is one dour expression, and you’ll end up looking too stern and risk looking like a pouty party pooper.
  5. Fashion don’ts for girls: No black or white dresses, no mini skirts, nothing overly formal that would outdo the bridal dress…no bra straps or bralettes visible, cover up shoulders during ceremony, reception can bear shoulders. I also don’t thoughtlessly wear just any old dress. I want to show some effort was involved and that I care how I look to the bride, groom and other guests.
  6. I like to look like I’m having fun, even if I am not. Accept drinks when offered, and participate in toasts, dancing, and anything else that may be happening. And remember to congratulate the bride and groom! Be a gracious guest at all times!

My favourite clothings from this summer

Summer has long been over, and I survived the hot searing rays, the sticky humidity, and smog in the city.  Now the Fall has officially moved in and made itself home.  A cool breeze is the daily norm, and everything feels calmer.  Now is when I wanted to look back and think about the fashion items I had that made the past summer not only bearable (summer is one of my least fave seasons), but also fun!  So here is my Top 5 list:

#4 My Little Distressed Denim Jacket

In Toronto, summer nights are still a bit nippy sometimes.  When going out to night time shows and parties, I always had my distressed denim in a basic fitted cut, not too cropped or long, but just right.  It went with everything.  I mean everything, dresses, shorts, rompers, pants, leggings.  And because denim is cotton, it was super breathable and comfy.  It also looked so classic and effortlessly stylish.  An all purpose cute denim jacket was my jacket staple.

Simple, cute, and easy to use. What more can you ask for in a jacket?
Simple, cute, and easy to use. What more can you ask for in a jacket?

#3 Basic Cotton Romper

I wore my cotton romper consecutively for days during the real hot times this summer.  It breathed, it was cute, it was functional, and only one thing to put on in the morning.  Fashion heaven!  I mentioned this romper before in an earlier entry.  This is the strapless $10 romper that I sewed straps onto to make it more wearable… I truly “heart” it.

Every day during the hottest days in August, I wore this thing. My kid was sick of seeing it. ha ha
Every day during the hottest days in August, I wore this thing. 

#2 Lacey Kimono

Feminine, and pretty, but casual.  An easy cover-up that didn’t add on too much cover.  This was my lace trimmed kimono.   Blush pink with ivory lace, it is neutral enough of a colour to go with everything, and light and airy enough to want to wear everyday.  If only relationships were this easy to coordinate….

The kimono trend is dying down, but this lacey piece was still a cool cover-up during the summer.
The kimono trend is dying down, but this lacey piece was still a cool cover-up during the summer.

#1 Awesome one-piece bathing suit, second hand.

I am not a huge fan of bikinis.  To be honest, I don’t think it is flattering on any body type or shape.  For me, it’s the lack of support/material of a bikini that makes it a flawed fashion item, and just basically an excuse to show skin. And unless your body is “perfect” (nobody has the perfect body though) any gal can basically feel like crap the minute she puts one on and looks in the mirror.  So when my boyfriend sprung a Labour Day beach trip on me with little notice, I scrambled to find a cute one piece suit, while the trends are pushing the “bikini” idea on girls.

For those of you that don’t live in Canada,  swimsuit season ends in August.  After that, you are left with swim wear duds (mismatched or tacky-looking).  I needed the suit soon so I couldn’t turn to online shopping.  I went to every store that sold swimwear, but couldn’t find a cute, affordable one piece. This was a nightmare that plagued me until the day before the trip when I found the cutest one-piece ever at a second hand store in my neighborhood. It was also only $15.00 and an American Apparel brand.  I liked it for its funky colours and simple design, typical of what makes American Apparel clothes great (if they only were more affordable).  What a find and what a miracle!

Such fun colours! Tangerine red, and navy blue, haltered and just super fitted and cute. I really lucked out on this bathing suit find...
Such fun colours! Tangerine red, and navy blue, haltered and just super fitted and cute. One peices don’t have to look matronly.  🙂

What clothing pieces were you most pleased by this summer?  Because this season is so short here, and summer fashion has all the fun pieces, the sun dresses, skirts and shorts…I really have to make the most of it, and I feel I did!

Summer shopping finds: Urban Outfitters

I haven’t been shopping much this summer.  The reason being that I’m around clothes and fashion too much these days, and I actually get sick of seeing clothes after my shifts at Smartset (Canadian retail chain) where I currently part-time.  It is possible to get sick of clothes, and the idea that girls can’t stop shopping is not true.  I am working hard, and I mean hard, to find pieces that move me, on trends that are fun and worth following and reporting on.  A lot of the quality of clothing in the big chains have gone downhill.  And the clothes of better quality and are better made are just very pricey.  Good finds are hard to come by this summer, and with the months flying by, the summer will soon be over, and there will not be a reason to sport any cute, trendy piece at all.

Urban Outfitters has been serving my needs for a while now.  Partly because they do follow the trends, their clothes on sale is actually pretty affordable, and they have a generous return/exchange policy.  They also have a relaxed grunge-y street feel to them that I like, and as a former art college student, they appeal to me with pieces that are girly and bohemian inspired too.  This summer however, UO are almost my enemy, with high prices, and uninspired designs and fabrics.  However, after doing my homework, I was able to scout out a few things that I nabbed from them that are pretty fabulous.

1. The Kimono Trend

I saw this trend popping up in the spring, but wasn’t quite ready for it then.  Now I am on board with it.  It’s elegant, retro, and effortlessly pretty.  The floral printed kimonos are jaw-droppingly pretty, but usually cost fifty or more.  But for such dramatic silouhette as the kimono is, a less noisy print may prove more suitable.  I adore my recent kimono jacket find, at UO.  It was priced right, and cropped, so it doesn’t overwhelm a more petite frame!

Kinda dramatic, and kimono inspired.  Baggy and non clinging can be pretty sometimes!
Kinda dramatic, and kimono inspired. Baggy and non clinging can be pretty sometimes!

2. Printed Leggings Trend

This trend took off in the spring of this year, faded away and is now coming back again.  Who knew?  Well, I kind of did because black and grey pants are sooooo boring.

Funky and fun, floral printed tights say I'm in, I'm with it!
Funky and fun, floral printed tights say I’m in, I’m with it!

3.  Jelly shoes

Do you guys remember in the 90’s when jelly shoes were in?  Well, I have an infinity for them this summer.  they are comfortable, cute and stylish.  A perfect addition to any summer wardrobe, because they scream effortless fun and functionality.

Nothing over the top.  Just casual girlie fun.
Nothing over the top. Just casual girlie fun.

What are your fave finds this summer?  Do you guys think that it is a an awesome summer in terms of finding great fashion and styles?  Or is it difficult and lack-lustre?