My Spring DIY projects!

Spring is a beautiful time to the year.  In pagan beliefs, it is a time for rituals of cleaning, renewal and rebuilding.  With that sentiment, it has seemed to fuel my current DIYs, and this is a douzy of on article with 3 awesome projects for fashion and home that I’d like to share with you all!

#1 Distressed and broken t-shirts

I work at a high end fashion boutique, so when raggedy beat up shirts started showing up at the store and I also saw this look in movies and tv, I wanted to get it.  But I wanted to get it for free.  So of course I would DIY this look, it’s so easy to. Who doesn’t have a t shirt in the drawer that is not getting used these days and could benefit from a make-over?  I used an old graphic tee that I barely wore and after a few tutorials from youtube on how to compose a good distressed pattern, I went out on my own.. and I quite like it. Try it yourself, it is really easy, but I recommend you distress a trial t-shirt you can dispose of first before doing it on the one you want to keep.  It really helps you learn what kind of distressing works and where you want it on the shirt…

I really like what I did on the hip/edge part of the shirt, and the sleeves are pretty cool too. all I need is to fade the graphic a bit more somehow…

#2 Uneven Jean Hem

This trend is a bit more low key.  I have only seen it a few times, and it looks best with healed shoes or backless mule type slip ons or loafers. I like how it’s edgy, and adds just the right amount of street cred to a boring full length jean.  And it’s far from being the pedestrian looking cropped cuffed jean.  To get this look, you break apart the seams carefully with scissors on both sides of the jean leg bottom. Then cut straight across on the front panel, higher than the cut on the back panel.  I distressed the cut edges a bit too. And voila, you have an interesting looking jean hem that you will love to sport on errand days or for just getting out on the street…

Looks good with any kind of heels, chunky or stilettos. I think mules or slide on flats with it would be cool for the summer too.


#3 Bunnies from unwanted gloves:

Ever wanted to have a cute plush toy made from things you didn’t think could be cute?  Enter these old gloves I had lying around my house that were not pretty enough to be worn in the winter, or too mismatched from losing the other pair over various winters.  I decided to make stuffed bunnies out of them for Easter. I cut off the thumb, the pinky, and middle finger, leaving just two finger for ears.  Then I sewed up all the holes, and added some leg shapes by cutting a slit at the bottom of the glove for where they would be.  I stuffed the gloves, and added whiskers and a ball tail.  And now I have the cutest stuffed bunnies this side of the world!  I am selling these on Etsy, so if you want one, just make an enquiry!

So cute, and handmade looking. Their appeal is the simplicity of the bunnies and the idea to reuse gloves.

What do you think of my Spring DIYs?  Are they fun and easy enough to inspire your projects?  I love being creative and re-inventing materials to make clothes work better for oneself’s life…


Spring floral prints are in…

I hear a lot about prints these days in fashion.  Whether it is on the runway, or on the street, everyone knows that wearing them instantly make a statement about who you are.  Leopard prints, cat prints, polka dot and graphic prints…it’s exciting, that’s for sure.  But I’ve always had a soft spot for floral prints.  Floral clothing are feminine, without being “sissy” or overly girly.  Easy and pretty, being funky without trying too hard.  And they imbue a certain youthful vibe about them.  Certainly wearing a tasteful floral printed dress screams spring, and with that season fast approaching (thank goodness winter is on it’s way out), there is no excuse to not sport one item of clothing in this print.  Let’s celebrate nature, the return of the sun, in the most obvious way…a flowery tribute to the pagan earth gods that allowed this return!

Even if you’re not a pagan, it seems these days, a lot of stores are peddling florals.  From jackets, to skirts, leggings to dresses, purses and wallets, everything has some pop of petals and colour.  I wanted to highlight a few items that are in my wardrobe, that happen to be floral and show some of the ways I wear this busy and in demand print.

After a whole winter of bundling up and wearing thick boyish pants, it’s so nice to shed it all off and reveal a more girly side.  So in comes my sweet skater dress!  (pictured below) The print is a bit different than other florals, because the flowers are big and cool tones of purple and blue green.  A little twist from pink or red florals.  I call this cut of style a “skater dress”…I don’t know, but I read on another site about how certain dresses make you feel like an figure skater.  This one with it’s fit and flare, and high collar does that for me!

This dress is a "skater" dress.  High collar with an open back and flow-y short skirt!
This dress is a “skater” dress. High collar with an open back and flow-y short skirt!

Now to go from an athletic open back dress, to a romantic and nostalgic long skirt.  I got this really long skirt from Forever 21 (below).  Long skirts are very in right now, but this one caught my eye because of the cut, (billowy and frilly), and also the floral panel insert that gives it an extra feminine and vintage vibe.  This is a great way to wear florals, because if this print was the whole skirt, it would be garden-y over kill!  I was almost too short for this floor touching length, but I pulled it off.  Pair the skirt with cute chunky heels, the length will be perfect.  This is the only way to wear long dresses or skirts during this trend.  It has to be very long, almost to the floor!

bohemian feel and frills keeps this long skirt from looking too matronly!
a bohemian feel and frills keeps this long skirt from looking too matronly!

What are your favourite ways to wear floral prints?  What spring trends have caught your eye this year?