Curling irons fail at giving effortlessly natural waves!

I read an article a while ago about how to achieve waves in your hair that didn’t look super perfect, and avoided the “glamour shots” look that is so not desirable.  For those of you that didn’t grow up in the subarbs around Toronto, Glamour Shots was this boutique/salon/photo shop that briefly set itself up in malls in Canada I believe during the 90’s, or sometime near there.  This was when looking like a model or actress was a female fantasy, and getting done up at the photo boutique was supposed to be as close as you can get to “looking” like a Hollywood siren. Only the makeovers were very laughable.  Just overdone make-up, and very tight spiral curls, and unflattering bedroom clothes that seemed to add ten pounds to your body and face.  Maybe because 10 pounds is close to the amount of make-up they smeared on a client.

Anyways, getting back onto topic, for many years after the fad, I’ve adored texture and wave, and have used curling irons to occasionally fulfill my need for wavy hair drama.  I resorted to using a thicker barrel curling iron, so that the waves would seem more natural.  But the results were still quite done up, and larger curls sometimes meant less defined pretty waves. What I craved was that look you get with hair that is naturally wavy, like you had just gotten out of bed, and it was effortlessly full of texture and drama.  Mermaid waves, as it is called.    This is impossible to get with a hot iron.   The only way I could get mermaid waves was to use sea salt spray (I make my own), then tie my hair into tiny little buns and wait for them to dry.  The problem with this was that it took a lot of time to dry without damaging heat from a dryer.  The solution was to get curls while sleeping, when no one would see me in this altered state of scrunchied strangeness.  By using soft small scrunchies to hold my hair in buns, I was able to sleep after sea salting my hair, and I would wake up with gorgeous flow-y curls that were messy and natural.

How to use scrunchies for natural heatless waves:

1.  Use them to hold your buns!  After spraying sea salt spray evenly in you hair (check out my homemade sea salt spray recipe), twist your hair into a couple of tiny LOOSE buns.  I usually do four buns for more defined curls, but you could also do one big bun…tie down your buns with your scrunchies!

Not a pretty hairstyle at all!  But do at at night when no one is looking!  I made my own scrunchies!
Not a pretty hairstyle at all! But do at at night when no one is looking! I made my own scrunchies!

2.  Go to sleep and let the night do its wonders. Because of a looser bun and soft scrunchies, this curling way is actually comfortable enough to sleep in.

3.  In the morning remove the scrunchies to reveal a natural curly wave, not overly done up and hot-iron looking at all!  I feel this curl looks best after 2 days, when it has had time to relax.  Enjoy the texture and wave, and don’t let anyone know your curls aren’t natural!

After a few days, the curls relax and look uneven and undone.  Like you fell out of bed with wavy hair!
After a few days, the curls relax and look uneven and undone. Like you fell out of bed with wavy hair!

I’m 20 again and I’m also a mermaid!

Beautiful mermaid artwork from Charles Santore, for The Little Mermaid

Every girl wants wavy mermaid hair!  Or I would assume.  One way I hear to get it is with sea salt spray.  I am late coming onto this trend, but I wanted to investigate it for myself.  Is all this hype about “texturizing” your hair with the spray true? Or is it the cosmetic industry’s newest gimmick, making millions off of  this hair product when hairspray, gel, or mousse and a curling iron can do the same?  So I started reading about it.  What does it do to hair when you spritz it in?  Does it automatically give you waves worthy of  the beach?  Does it make you feel like you just came back from one?  How does beach hair look like anyways?  So after reading many internet articles about it, I found out two really important things about the “beach wave” look, and how it is achieved with sea salt sprays, aka surf sprays.

1) “Beach hair” is another way of saying loose, bohemian  waves, with the gritty, messy texture one might get from dunking your head in the sea and letting it air dry.  Basically a dirtier, messier surfer chick wave!  Photos of people that used it had hair just like that which I described.  Some may like it some may not, but you can decide.  But don’t let the trends pressure you into thinking you love it it you don’t!  Respect your own opinion on style.  But if you do, read on!

2) Now the second thing I learned was that sea salt sprays were exactly that.  Water mixed with salt.  Why was the make-up industry charging so much for bottled salt water?  I had no clue.  Sure, they put a nice fragrance in it, but so could I with little to no effort.  So what was the deal?  I even read countless articles on how homemade sprays yielded same if not better beach hair results.  So I decided that if I wanted to try these sprays, I was gonna make my own.  After  experimenting a bit, as well as having a botched attempt, I feel I’ve settled on a great recipe and I’ll share it with you all.  I added rosewater, which makes it smell more like anEnglish Garden, in contrast to the athletic, tropical image of a surfer babe, but I think it makes it more moisturizing and it smells so fresh and healthy.

Roses in the Sea Beach Spray Recipe

2/3 cup warm water (for the salt to disolve)

1 teaspoon salt (more than that doesn’t seem necessary to be visible in hair, but if using dead sea salt, double the amount!)

1/3 cup of rosewater (find it at your local grocery store, or make it if you know how!)

2 teaspoons of grape seed oil (gives your hair more moisture, can also use coconut oil, or something else)

1 teaspoon of alcohol (for preservation)

my basic, easy to find everyday ingredients, minus the water of course!

Add all the above ingredients into a clean bottle with a spray nozzle.  Shake it up, and then spritz all over your hair!  The more you put in, the more hold you can get.  I like more waves, since my hair doesn’t seem to be that wavy unless I help it out. So I twirl them in them into four little buns and let it air dry for a few hours.  Then I release it while it’s still a bit damp.  The curls are too severe, so I soften them by blowing them out with a hair dryer until they are dry and set.  I get loose waves with texture, while not looking too done up.  It’s seems effortlessly pretty, which is trendy these days!  Surprisingly my hair feels really soft.  I think it’s the rose water.  Give it a try and let me know if you love it too.

My results.  It was nice and soft, even the day after! yay.
My results. It was nice and soft, even the day after! yay.