Hair coloring obsessions and other thoughts on my birthday…

So recently I’ve been coloring my hair like crazy…check out my post about soap capping. It’s been a goal of mine now to have ashy, cool toned hair colour, because well, as a dark haired asian girl, that is near impossible. Black is my natural color, and that’s as cool toned as my hair wants to be. But as I age and become more pale, black hair is actually too harsh for my skin tone (plus the occassional white that hair creeps in). But when I try to lighten even just a few shades, my hair screams a bright red/orange tone, even harsher than black hair for my complexion. I actually had to go through a lot of chemical processes to get it to be the cool toned light brown I have now and I’m ashamed to say it, since I kind of fried my hair with a chemical soup to get it…But now I think I got it, and really don’t care if it’s not exactly the colour I want…me needs to let go.

So this is just part of the chemical soup I subjected my hair to trying to make it ashy: developer, bleach lightener, permanent colors…additives…etc.

Today is my birthday, I’m another year older, and I’m really thinking today about how unimportant hair color is…all the cosmetic procedures, chemicals and efforts us girls put into altering our natural appearance doesn’t add up to much. When the truth is, nobody cares about the color of my hair…I recently reviewed some lipstick on here and to think I about it, I doubt anyone really cares about my lip color either. It’s fun, but that’s it…The truth is, cosmetics and fashion is a past time I enjoy…but not ultimately what people care about in me. My dad’s obsession for example, is seeing me eat more, eat healthily and sleep.  Ha ha. Really that’s all he cares about. Most people just want others to be healthy and happy. So I know that taking care of oneself’s mind and body is ultimately the most important thing to do…

Time to say sorry to my body and hair for everything I put it through for the sake of my vanities.Whether it is soap capping twice in one night to lighten it, or putting in harsh dyes and toners to perfect my hair color, or not eating bagels since they make me bloat…I have start seeing as to how I am pretty mean to my body…and it’s time to say sorry. How do I say sorry to my body? Some ideas I have are:

  • Don’t wear make-up on my off days, I just moisturize your skin and drink lots of tea
  • Do have that pastry/cookie/candy I’ve been thinking of
  • sleep in that extra two hours…I will never run out of chores/work that I gotta do, but I know I can always do it later
  • give my hair a hot oil conditioning treatment and not worry about what it will do its color
  • Feed your mind: Do something that has NOTHING to do with being gorgeous. (no fashion/make up stuff) Write an article or read a book about something cerebral. Create something that will bring value to your health, or learn something about the world your never knew.
  • Don’t look at trends and covet them on social media. Look at yourself and what you want to accomplish and achieve…

Remember the important things in life…and be happy. That’s what I’ve been thinking about on my birthday today. Nothing is worth doing if it doesn’t make us healthy and happy. It’s really easy to get caught up in getting the latest fashions and make-up trends, and cosmetic procedures…but knowing when to stop is key.




Graphic liquid Liner…can basic black be replaced by grey for everyday?

An inky black marker type liquid liner, verses a brush on liquid grey liner...
An inky black marker type liquid liner, versus a brush on liquid grey liner…

There is no make-up look I’ve seen more worn by women than that of the ubiquitous “cat eye” makeup.  It is usually done in a combination of ways, but always involves liquid liner to produce that hard edge top eyelid line that defines a graphic “cat eye” make-up.  And with a flick up in the corner, any girl can instantly get daily glam without feeling too made up.  When buying liquid liner, by default I always go to black, for some reason and I get it in pen style for ease of use.  Liquid liners with a brush and a bottle go on too black and thick for me and for some reason and I end up looking too hard, but pens can still be really harsh if they are very dark…like the one I use now. My eyes are like daggers lined by black ink.  I accept that black is the fashion… But  I recently discovered that charcoal grey is a great alternative, if you like the polished elegance of the cat-eye, want to still be in vogue, but don’t want to look as stern with super black lined graphic eyes.

So the left photo is black liner and the right photo is grey liner.  All other make-ups are the same.  Can you spot the difference?
So the left photo is black liner and the right photo is grey liner. All other make-ups are the same. Can you spot the difference?

So as you can see with my photos, there is a only subtle difference between black and grey.  But you can see how grey liner is a lot softer, and gentler, it opens up my eyes a bit more and still is a cat eye make-up.  In the black liner photo, I used all the same make-ups as the grey liner photo, but with black, you can see how my eyes are more emphasized and I look harder and edgier.

So which do you prefer?  Hard edgy black, or sweetly composed grey?  These days I’ve been going for charcoal grey liner since I find that sometimes, less darkness on the face can actually be appealing, and maybe even more youthful.  Try it out and let me know what you think.  Make-up and being a girl is all about the details and small things!

scents review: my current faves!

DSC04815Perfumes are one of my most valued make-up arsenals, because it’s not superficial, like lipstick or blush. Its use is a lot deeper, it’s emotive, personal, and connected to the mind and spirit.   I’ve always loved ancient Egypt for it’s advanced culture and sophistication. Perfume began there, where it was highly prized, only the highest of society wore it, and it could bring you closer to the gods. And what a luxury it was. Fast-forward to today and all the heaps of designer fragrances out there, it’s easy to be disillusioned. Perfumes today appear to be over-marketed cosmetic junk (try to find a celeb that doesn’t have their own scent). But in reality they are the best way to complete a look for the day/night.

I myself tend to use indie labeled scents. What are indie labeled scents? It’s basically scents that are not mass marketed, and not commercially endorsed. They are not always, but usually eco/animal friendly (yay!) and they are not heavy, or strong, to the point of making you sneeze at a close whiff. There are some great indie perfumeries, such as Lollia, Love and Toast, Tokyo Milk, but the ones I am focusing on today are a bit less expensive, but equally as delightful.


The price point of this company is to die for. I get mine from a local shop in my city and it is less than $10 for a roll-on travel size. But be careful, not all scents in this line are made the same. The coconut one is really faint to detect, and some of the other ones are too strong and not refined enough. You don’t want to smell like bathroom air freshener.  My current Pacifica fave is “Tahitian Gardenia”.  It has a warm floral scent with a lingering ginger spiciness.


More recently I picked up Skeem, a slightly higher price point perfume roll on, but definitely more light.  It is harder to notice, and you have to wear more of it, so the bang for your buck is not as great.  “Sweet Pea Vanilla” had a sweet candy tone to it, with a mild floral note.  It was very subtle and pretty. My current scent in this line is the “Night Jasmine”.  It is a bit heavier, a powdery musky floral base with hints of jasmine.  It’s romantic and soft. I don’t usually go for musks, but this one does it right.

The best thing about these less known perfumes are their originality.  No one knows these scents, they are lovely, and when they compliment you and ask you what perfume you have on, you can give a mysterious, less heard of answer to give them!  And most experiments with new scents are successful. My favourite places to roll these on?  The wrists, behind the ears, top of your cleavage and on your collar bone. My suggestion is to not wear so much that they smell you coming, but enough that they feel you going!

DSC04823             DSC04819            DSC04818